Reebok #NoGymJanuary

No Gym ‘Til The Crowds Thin

Let’s face it. The gym in January is a shit-show. The calendar changes and suddenly everyone with a New Year’s Resolution gets a spankin’ new gym membership, packs out classes, hoards equipment, and turns the gym into a distinctly not-so-pleasurable experience. Yikes.

So, this January, we’re staying the f*** away. And we’re helping others do the same with #NoGymJanuary.

This one-month social takeover provides inspiration for our viewers to stick with their resolutions (and their sanity) with unexpected workouts, equipment-free exercises, and oddly entertaining rest day fodder—all accessible on Reebok’s social channels.

Shake It with Cardi B 

Take your workout to the streets to see if you can keep up with the unfiltered queen, Cardi B.

Name Your Workout Challenge

 Challenge your longer-named friends to join you in this workout where each letter determines your reps. Film it, tag #NoGymJanuary, and your workout could be featured on Reebok social platforms.

Move Like a Queen 

The queens spill the tea on how they stay fierce and fit with these fun behind the scenes vogueing tutorials.

Astrology Workouts

Blame the stars for this content series of astrologically-tailored workout challenges.

Knock Out Stress w/ Conor

Spar with Conor Mcgregor and give stressful gym scenarios the knockout.

No Wait Lifting

Everything is a dumbell in this content series. Find your weights right at home and start pumping some cacti.

Rest Day Gym Bunnies

Set the gym bunnies free and give them a much needed day off in this interactive rest day-promoting series.

Unconventional Wisdom w/ Cardi B

Take care of your mind and body with some de-stressing moves from your new guru.

Routine Roulette

Tired of your usual? Draw tap and hold this video of flickering odd workout prompts and get moving. Think Chat Roulette but less creepy.

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Art Director, Paul Rice
Copywriter, Kathleen Mueller
Editor, Alexis Hazelwood
Producer, Kimberly Lewis