New York Lottery

$1,000,000 Lucky Dog Scratch-Off Game Series

There’s a lot of hard-hitting questions out there. Such as, where did we come from? Is there a higher power? And most importantly, what would your dog do with a million dollars?

When the NYL wanted to launch the $1,000,000 Lucky Dog Scratch-Off Series, we knew this was our chance to finally put the latter question to bed.


Our film, directed by J.J. Adler, places dogs front and center as winners and celebrates the ridiculous things they would do with a whole lot of cash.


This campaign was begging for some fun radio spots.

While exploring all the things dogs love, we found that certain sounds were at the top of the list. Doorbells, squeaky toys, barks, you get the point. So, I wrote a radio spot designed to perk up not just New Yorkers’ ears but their dogs’ as well.


With the remaining campaign budget, we pushed the core of my radio script’s idea even futher. We decided to create a treat for dogs and their humans to enjoy together.

Using only the sounds dogs love and respond to most, we composed the song “Wanna Go for a Walk?” with JSM Music. Then, we directed a music video New Yorkers can play for their pups to make them feel like a million bucks.

Featured in Adage’s “Top 5 Creative Campaigns You Need to Know About Now” 

Thank you to: 

McCann NY
ECDs, Jason Ashlock and Dom Baccollo
ACD, Noah Benezra
AD, Gina Senese
Director, J.J. Adler